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by bnnm at 2:42 PM EST on March 4, 2017
Rips I'll upload soon. I was trying to fix the name order bug in xwb_split first. I think I did (what a bizarre format XSB is), so.

joshw XMA list of (possible) bad rips:
Not necessarily correct or complete. I was hoping other people would try to fix them tho. :(

@Sir Sabin - I've updated xwb_split, use -s 1.
Blue Dragon looping doesn't work currently so you can't put Eternity on repeat forever yet.
by AnonRunzes at 3:09 PM EST on March 4, 2017
I do have the Xbox 360 version of Pac-Man - Championship Edition DX, though.

Here`s a sample from all the .xsb/.xwb/.xgs files in their untouched form(both the base game and DLC):

"I was hoping other people would try to fix them tho. :("
I do want to implement new stuff on vgmstream, but I have no idea how to program a programming language that`s being used by it. Which is why I just post samples from random games anyway.
by Ultrafighter at 9:31 AM EST on March 5, 2017
Hi all, I've just made another sample pack with files from quite a few titles this time and there's hope some or most formats represented in it can be implemented into VGMstream. Here's an overview of what's contained in my package:

1) Spy hunter 2 STMs: I'm really interested in finding a way to play back these tracks or at least convert them to PCM or something playable because SH2 probably has the best original score in the series (even soundtrack from Nowhere to run is too generic although good) but this is merely my own IMHO. This is my second attempt to rip BGMs from the videogame and this time I'm much more destined to make some use out of these files with "STMA" headers.
Search on XeNTaX forums shows that apparently Red dead revolver utilizes the same audio codec (?) and type of sound bank (it's also called Streams.dat as in SH2). BTW I extracted those individual files out of an archive with Watto's Game extractor. In any case I don't see high chances that extraction itself went wrong so it's more likely I discovered some format which is used pretty rarely and probably by just a few dev companies out there.
Most tracks are identical on both platforms but PS2 supposedly has some exclusives. It looks like all VGM, VO & ambiance in the title was encoded using the same codec so I included a pair of example files from each group.

2) Spy hunter (2001) PCMs: those were in "mc3" folder on GC disc but their headers are quite different than those of real MC3s used on PS2 console (this exact game also utilizes aforementioned codec with identifier "MPC3" on XBox and PC). I put some BGMs & voiceovers in the compilation of mine as they both have similar headers and the very same extensions.

3) (WWE) Legends of WrestleMania for PS3: only tracks I split with FSBii for now, I'm trying to reacquire original FSB bank holding four seemingly test 5.1 tracks but it can take quite some time. I uploaded 2/4 samples as they're essentially the very same song but starting from different position in each variant of the track.

4) "Mission: Impossible. Operation Surma" + "Terminator 3: The redemption" for GC: I guess it's some DSP variation so it might happen that slight header alteration or simple change of extension would be enough to make these files playable. Both VGs use MPK archives that can be dealt with using Watto's Game extractor and every sound file contained there has *.mds extension. All tracks have "MPDS" codec (?) identifier and this can be said about any piece of audio used in the game be it music, SFX or voiceovers.

Link. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide or just every nudge in the right direction which helps me get those tracks playable or convertible!
Best wishes, Ultrafighter. See you in a bit!

Edit #1: I dunno what's wrong with Eat lead / XMA1, I can be wrong but I'm almost 100% sure I simply zipped up *.xma files found in some directory of disc image. I mean they're readily convertible so I didn't see any reason to change them in any way (this usually implied stripping original headers and adding new ones with Alpha23's BMS script, sometimes parsing headerless streams with HCS's XMAParse).

As for nail'd / XMA1 I extracted contents of all XWBs with ALuigi's UnXWB tool, removed initial XMA headers (since they're not decodable by ToWAV in most if not all cases) with a respective script and replaced them with another BMS by Timo (both can still be found in his own thread on XeNTaX forums). Nothing serious has been done to each stream itself I believe (just header manipulation as Alpha'd call it) and the whole procedure was quite typical and simple. I processed numerous titles that way and only resorted to xma_test.exe when tracks weren't convertible with towav.exe even after new headers were slapped on 'em.

I hope this clears up something, bye! I guess I can remember how I ripped most VGs I posted here and tell you all about it.

edited 12:46 PM EST March 5, 2017

Edit #2: It'd be also great if someone rerips Perfect Dark zero & especially Over G fighters. They might have most standard 16-bit PCM but with reversed endian (big instead of expected little one if I recall correctly) which caused it to sound like static when extracted with unxwb by aluigi. Over G fighters had all its music in that format and in PDZ at least 85% BGM was encoded using that kind of WAV. Perfect Dark prequel had its PCM tracks mostly in stereo but there're some quad ones as well.

I'm surely not demanding anyone to redo my possibly incorrect rips but I'd gladly listen to those great soundtracks whenever possibility arises. I mean it's never late to refresh your memories about a nice score, isn't it?
Goodbye, all the best!

edited 1:03 PM EST March 5, 2017
by bnnm at 4:47 PM EST on March 5, 2017
latests vgmstream changes
- Fixed some XWB XACT2 looping [Blue Dragon, Prey]
- Added basic multi-stream FSB5 support
- Added SFX SGXD support
- Shows stream numbers in the description (few multi-stream formats only)


Eternity can now be looped for... eternity (har har).

Also I've posted them rips and updated xwb_split again, should get all names correctly and cover most cases (if given proper flags when asked).

@AnonRunzes - Fix as in "re-rip the game and upload it".

@Ultrafighter - most PS2 .stm are playable renamed to .ps2stm. Others I'll check later.
Eat Lead is a 2009 game so it'd be weird it used XMA1 (they stopped using XMA1 around 2007), same with nail'd (2010).

I suggest you xwb_split and the latest vgmstream for all your XWB needs (should support PCM big endian).
I don't think any of those bms/unxwb/whatever extract loop points, and seem to questionably change XMA packet headers, causing problems.
by AnonRunzes at 4:54 PM EST on March 5, 2017
@bnnm - "Fix as in "re-rip the game and upload it"."
Well, let`s just say that sometimes I don`t really like to be stuck in this whole "re-rip every game that has "wrong" rip by having every single audio file used in the game intact" routine. And no that doesn`t mean I use fail tools for ripping audio files such as unxwb or anything like that.

I do want to help though.

edited 5:32 PM EST March 5, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 1:13 AM EST on March 6, 2017
Huge thanks for your advice Bnnm, apparently most music files are already supported by VGMStream but I've just started listening through them all. All speech~*.stm are unplayable though (as they're in mono I guess) and a few supposed BGMs like all menu0#.stm which are only found on PS2 (I included one of those in my original package I'm sure).
See you!
Edit #1: It looks like the very same or at least similar format was implemented earlier with extension "stma", it was probably done to make files coming from "Midnight club 2: LA remix" (PS2 ver.?) playable. As for SH2 tracks it's possible that vgmstream wrongly recognizes interleave values for files which are unplayble ATM (with stm extension that is).
I hope this helps you a bit, as for now I'm over and out. Best regards!

edited 2:21 AM EST March 6, 2017
by marcusss at 7:58 AM EST on March 6, 2017

Just curious. Apparently a guy ripped PD HD on XBLA and shared it online.. The files are apparently all there from the game I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the music out of the game? It has files like..


and some others...

Most of the size of the folder is textures. I can't find much in these files in regards to music.

edited 12:13 AM EST March 7, 2017
by bnnm at 5:07 PM EST on March 6, 2017
@AnonRunzes- I see. I'm surprised you don't mind those loopless rips, but I won't insist anymore.

@Ultrafighter - .ps2stm is alt .stma, you can use it instead. Menu0 and some speech look like a variation of the codec (DVI IMA), header @ 0x10 is usually 0x04 but the unplayable ones have 0x10. (Ex. speech~L3.2_100.stm 0x04 vs speech~L3.3_000.stm 0x10, both mono so no interleave bug).
I don't recognize the codec so until somebody identifies it I can't do anything.

For Spy Hunter 1 GC you need to create a .GENH with PCM 8-bit, 1 channel, 32000hz

Terminator 3 GC is DSP, I can add it but somebody needs to find the "coef" table (in the exe or some outside file I assume), it sounds garbled/static-ky otherwise.

@marcuss - I don't think it has XMA music (maybe it's playing the original N64 sequences?)
by marcusss at 6:33 PM EST on March 6, 2017
Yeah was just curious.


edited 12:07 AM EST March 7, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 1:58 AM EST on March 7, 2017
Hello Bnnm! What about "Mission: Impossible" though? I'm much more interested in its score than in Terminator's one so I can try and find those coefficient tables for the first time in my life if it helps making MDS files from "Operation: Surma" playable.

@Marcuss - I suggest you scan PackedSegFile with this script but it's just a wild guess because apparently Pacman Championship Edition DX uses such codec (?) for music. Before doing it I'd advise you to search for "segs" strings in that bigfile but for that you'll have to open it in just any hex editor you choose (but definitely not Notepad!). I suppose all audio from the title can be in that SEGS format so it wouldn't hurt checking XMASpeech.dat too for those "segs" strings.

Bye all, see you soon!

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