SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
RecoLove: Blue Ocean .acb/.awb file10:56 AM EDT May 25, 2022Wrland 3
Requesting assistance in ripping music from Segare Ijiri (PS1) (last page)1:12 PM EDT May 17, 2022JomSpoons 14
Strange NDS Archive .FIB5:27 PM EDT May 16, 2022elburg 4
NBA Hangtime MS-DOS audio8:28 PM EDT May 15, 2022ohdeer 6
Doom Eternal Switch Version PCK/SND3:07 PM EDT May 10, 2022EHT_shiniori 8
cracking the .AUDIO_DATA file format (last page)1:49 AM EDT May 1, 2022Puterboy1 15
Converting WEMs from Creative Assembly titles (Wwise) ???3:50 PM EDT April 27, 2022sapereaude1490 10
Ripping music (and other data) from Koumajou Densetsu .dat files (last page)4:27 AM EDT April 26, 2022passerby 21
USF Rip Requests (last page)12:27 AM EDT April 26, 2022Trogdorbad 804
Gamecube MusyX Audio Thread (last page)3:17 PM EDT April 23, 2022SubDrag 227
ZXTUNE HAS VGMSTREAM1:11 PM EDT April 21, 2022elburg 1
MediEvil (PS1) midi files wanted12:23 PM EDT April 14, 2022NKR 3
MegaMan Legends 1 & 2 PSF (last page)10:11 AM EDT April 13, 2022Squaresoft74 23
Tronic by Webfoot 11:14 PM EDT April 11, 2022almendaz 3
Music Request and a Question.3:52 PM EDT April 11, 2022JRDN762 1
Missing platform/system name at the end11:28 AM EDT April 11, 2022brianpow1 1
_(upload original format)ROCKMAN X DiVE (2022-03-20)(Capcom)[iOS+Android].7z10:55 PM EDT April 9, 2022brianpow1 6
Metal Gear Solid 4 - .ssp and .spc formats7:48 PM EDT April 9, 2022Zoft 1
Wii Mario All-Stars Home Menu Jingle4:59 AM EDT April 9, 2022MoldyPond 3
Lego Skywalker Saga .AUDIO_DATA11:39 AM EDT April 7, 2022Puterboy1 1

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