SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
Need help on ripping Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (GBA)4:49 AM EDT August 26, 2020JacintaB19 1
Xenosaga II and FFIV: The After Years3:15 AM EDT August 26, 2020lordskylark 5
Ratchet & Clank PS4 Archives7:11 PM EDT August 25, 2020jeangene91 1
Help with reripping Matrix: Path of Neo6:16 AM EDT August 25, 2020marcoxD95 10
Why do XBOX music rips often sound so bad?4:27 AM EDT August 24, 2020kode54 4
PHP 74:08 AM EDT August 24, 2020Lunar 4
Sakura wars 36:11 PM EDT August 18, 2020Zettokage1337 1
Need help ripping XBOX version of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay (XWC WAV, probably wrong WAV header)12:33 PM EDT August 18, 2020marcoxD95 3
Getting instuments and sfx samples from Rhythm Tengoku (GBA)'s Soundfont4:32 PM EDT August 16, 2020JacintaB19 1
VGM Archive DATs3:36 AM EDT August 16, 2020fastelbja 4
Psflib editing 5:12 AM EDT August 14, 2020FlyingGrayson 1
Requesting a tool or process to create PSG/HES from binary2:48 AM EDT August 10, 2020almendaz 10
Evergrace (PS2) rip is broken9:39 PM EDT August 9, 2020mrjaredbeta 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories needs a new RIP, it is broken.7:47 PM EDT August 9, 2020Squaresoft74 5
.MRG, can't find a way to RIP sounds from it. (By Konami)11:50 AM EDT August 9, 2020MagastemBR 2
SpongeBob SquarePants: Ticket Boom [.ic1, .ic2, .ic5]]10:22 PM EDT August 8, 2020Cartoonish Weeb 1
Pac in Time Adlib/KMD files?6:25 PM EDT August 2, 2020 WDLmaster 3
Roland L-CD7 Archive Series Sound Libraries Request! {2020}2:54 PM EDT August 1, 2020Bonboon228 2
Ripping music and sounds from Sega NAOMI arcade games (last page)2:43 AM EDT August 1, 2020JacintaB19 23
BIG NEWS! A decryption tool for CookieRun OvenBreak's sequenced music is finally made!1:41 AM EDT August 1, 2020almendaz 2

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