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Game Music Emu multi channel dumper (last page)1:00 PM EDT September 14, 2017TheUltimateKoopa 31
Which .app file from the Wii Shop contains the brsar with the BGM sequence data?12:16 AM EDT September 14, 2017sirsoundfont 8
Silent Hill 2 sound files research (last page)9:22 AM EDT September 11, 2017Ratio 152
Problem with WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! GSF.9:13 PM EDT September 10, 2017Basillica 5
I made Kingdom Hearts soundfonts9:04 PM EDT September 10, 2017sirsoundfont 7
GEP causing some wave channels to change duty cycles8:33 PM EDT September 10, 2017TheUltimateKoopa 5
Pokémon GO Music Extraction? (last page)7:57 PM EDT September 10, 2017Basillica 16
Gamecube Soundfonts9:00 AM EDT September 9, 2017Zetto Kuzuuya 6
Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 XA archive?4:17 AM EDT September 9, 2017RetroFanatic 9
Need help ripping Metroid Fusion MIDI's (last page)12:18 AM EDT September 4, 2017kode54 20
NFL 2K4/2K5 music request (last page)10:13 PM EDT September 3, 2017godzfire 11
Sonic Mania Early Leak (last page)6:06 PM EDT September 2, 2017JeffMakesGames 75
Soundfont request: Sonic 1-3&K on the Sega Genesis (last page)6:20 PM EDT September 1, 2017dissident93 11
Raspberry Pi Music Player5:58 AM EDT September 1, 2017derselbst 5
PSF2 Playback Problem2:30 AM EDT September 1, 2017punk7890-2 5
Volume discrepancy between different consoles 10:33 PM EDT August 31, 2017kode54 3
PSF audio channels4:07 AM EDT August 31, 2017Volkov73 8
Hoot6:58 PM EDT August 27, 2017Koto 6
Calling for problematic ACB+AWB+ACF4:02 PM EDT August 27, 2017datschge 2
Resident Evil Remake BGM2:02 PM EDT August 27, 2017TheFuryFox 10

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