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Miniusf to Midi? (last page)7:02 AM EST January 1, 2017punk7890-2 33
Does anyone here have OpenSPC?4:27 PM EST December 31, 2016RukarioGyiyg996 7
Problem with adx files3:07 PM EST December 30, 2016Kirishima 4
(Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories) Soundfont error ? (last page)10:49 PM EST December 29, 2016vajuvaju 11
Big N64 Midi Tool Update V2 (last page)6:21 PM EST December 28, 2016SubDrag 88
vgmstream latest beta (last page)8:51 AM EST December 27, 2016bnnm 38
The Golden Compass (Xbox 360) *.WAD_be6:12 AM EST December 26, 2016Mygoshi 1
Idolm@ster 2 voice bnsf files7:36 PM EST December 25, 2016min 7
Winback PS2 audio (last page)7:09 PM EST December 23, 2016punk7890-2 11
Pokémon GO Music Extraction? (last page)12:42 AM EST December 22, 2016Knurek 11
Sonic Runners Sound Files. (last page)11:47 PM EST December 21, 2016maxton 15
Ripping audio from .qpck or .is14? (last page)11:45 AM EST December 21, 2016seerooter 11
Play/convert sequenced Wii U audio2:59 AM EST December 20, 2016Kurausukun 7
Got a Rhythm Tengoku GSF– Need help getting individual songs10:47 AM EST December 18, 2016P-Kong 1
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - .sdt files(PS3, XBOX360, PSVITA) (last page)3:19 PM EST December 17, 2016AnonRunzes 22
Atlus PS2 Atrac3 files12:25 PM EST December 17, 2016mogikihei 10
VGMTrans Loop Problem12:41 PM EST December 16, 2016G-Boy 7
Digimon World 3 PSF help (last page)5:10 PM EST December 14, 2016DavisOlivier 21
PS2 SDK (< version 3.0.0)?4:41 PM EST December 12, 2016Nisto 1
Sounds from the Ubisoft Naruto games2:48 PM EST December 12, 2016MarioSonicU 1

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