SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
The Silver Case Demo (PC Version; .FSB .mid?)12:05 AM EDT August 22, 2016basin 6
Silent Hill 2 sound files research (last page)12:41 PM EDT August 21, 2016mrjaredbeta 130
Bleach Shattered Blade .dat sound files10:15 AM EDT August 20, 2016MarioSonicU 3
Some Shenmue dsf files playing with pretty big issues (last page)10:28 AM EDT August 19, 2016ManuelMantastic 24
MMX4 Saturn dump in better quality7:27 PM EDT August 17, 2016JudgeIto 5
Bug Reports (last page)11:25 PM EDT August 16, 2016hcs 47
PSF ripping/making help10:42 PM EDT August 15, 2016MusashiAA 3
mario maker sound effects3:24 AM EDT August 15, 2016bobbyK 2
Gamecube music files in an ISO? (last page)9:07 PM EDT August 14, 2016AnonRunzes 30
Super Princess Peach 2SF Rip (last page)3:31 PM EDT August 14, 2016dj4uk6cjm 20
Inaccurate soundfonts from VGMTrans and (Squaresoft) PSF files9:03 AM EDT August 13, 2016jimbo1qaz 1
Sin & Punishment USF7:48 AM EDT August 13, 2016wmd 3
"Last page" - Possible to jump to last post? (last page)1:55 AM EDT August 13, 2016hcs 25
PDTExt tool? 7:47 PM EDT August 10, 2016hcs 2
Namco Museum Rip Audio (last page)10:43 PM EDT August 9, 2016fred30w 14
Are PSF rip parameters inaccurate?8:31 PM EDT August 9, 2016MarkGrass 8
GRID 2 ".nfs" audio format1:35 PM EDT August 9, 2016Argonitious 5
How I Spend My Time (last page)8:58 PM EDT August 6, 2016AnonRunzes 1791
Megami Tensei Gaiden GBS fails at foo_gep11:21 PM EDT August 5, 2016kode54 6
What Kind of Archive Is This?12:54 AM EDT August 4, 2016Kurausukun 1

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