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How I Spend My Time (last page)5:08 AM EDT May 5, 2017hcs 1845
Any hope for Mac users? (last page)11:10 AM EDT May 4, 2017rebooter23 13
Twilight Princess AW Ripping9:27 AM EDT May 4, 2017G-Boy 1
Is it possible to rip music from Net Yaroze homebrew games?6:43 PM EDT May 3, 2017LC-DDM 1
Need help ripping Metroid Fusion MIDI's4:27 PM EDT May 3, 2017soneek 5
Does someone already tried to ripped MGS psx music to psf or midi?8:53 PM EDT May 1, 2017nightmaresteam 6
need help with .wav.str file from wii game 3:30 AM EDT May 1, 2017ronnyspb 1
Help with some encrypted files... (last page)6:10 PM EDT April 30, 2017bxaimc 11
Get Original Wwise Filenames With SoundbanksInfo.xml1:50 PM EDT April 30, 2017Mygoshi 1
WarioWare Smooth Moves sequenced brsar *shoutout to ArcticJaguar725* (last page)9:23 AM EDT April 30, 2017Kagemori 29
Labyrinth no Kanata and Valkyrie Profile 2 SFX?1:47 PM EDT April 29, 2017SunClonus 3
Help with N64 music rip (last page)6:43 AM EDT April 29, 2017punk7890-2 18
Converting .genh to .wav, getting static noise and no music6:25 PM EDT April 28, 2017joeyc410 1
Playing audio from .z642:46 PM EDT April 28, 2017Volkov73 4
Switch music files?11:31 AM EDT April 28, 2017Knurek 3
Tagging Yooka-Laylee OST5:57 PM EDT April 24, 2017hcs 2
Metal Slug X MIDI / Soundfont Rip?10:59 AM EDT April 24, 2017vajuvaju 1
forum meta viewport4:49 PM EDT April 19, 2017ArcticJaguar725 7
Graffiti Kingdom's CDVDMAP.BIN file (last page)1:25 PM EDT April 19, 2017AnonRunzes 11
Rules for replicating PS1 SPU in a modern environment/Looking for three PSF rips10:18 PM EDT April 18, 2017kode54 9

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