SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts
How I Spend My Time (last page)5:05 AM EST January 23, 2021hcs 1995
newest version of vgmstream causing other plugins not to work12:53 PM EST January 22, 2021 WDLmaster 4
Converting Dreamcast .dsf to midi? (last page)7:35 AM EST January 22, 2021TheLegendofRenegade 11
My inspection on AAX files (last page)11:26 PM EST January 20, 2021hcs 14
Kirby: Star Allies missing tracks4:34 PM EST January 19, 2021Bonboon228 2
Starship Defense/Starship Patrol 2SF: Broken?10:39 AM EST January 19, 2021Lunar 1
Pac Man World 3 .wav audio files (PC and Xbox) (last page)1:39 PM EST January 14, 2021 WDLmaster 15
Legend of Dragoon MIDIs7:34 PM EST January 12, 2021NeoMidgar 6
Rwav file10:23 AM EST January 12, 2021Puterboy1 3
How to playback sbao files from Far Cry 2 PS3 version?7:09 PM EST January 9, 2021marcoxD95 1
Kirby 2SF Issues5:18 PM EST January 9, 2021Tanookirby 3
Soul Calibur 1 Sequenced music extraction7:57 PM EST January 6, 2021Kirishima 5
Has anybody ripped midi/sf2 data from Metal Gear Solid 1 for the PSX Yet?4:22 PM EST January 6, 2021Nisto 9
Age of Calamity SFX?11:52 AM EST January 5, 2021TabuuAkugun 1
The Punisher Arcade VGZ Midi/SF2 rip? (last page)11:45 AM EST January 5, 2021NeoMidgar 11
foo_input_usf volume tag3:16 PM EST January 3, 2021VGMStreamer 9
Sonic 1 prototype vgm?4:19 AM EST January 1, 2021Kirishima 2
3DS sounddata.arc extractor5:00 PM EST December 30, 2020Fawful 3
anybody still has testpack.nds?11:48 AM EST December 28, 2020RandomHajile 4
Pokemon Colosseum Soundfont1:25 PM EST December 26, 2020icecream 6

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