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Street Fighter 6 (Full Game rip) WWise BNKS1:25 PM EST February 27, 2024J2023 2
Zelda Twilight Princess .bms Music Rips (last page)7:43 PM EST February 26, 2024Yuuto2 168
Excessive reverb when ripping Kirby Squead Squad with VGMTrans to Midi/SF2?6:20 AM EST February 25, 2024marcoxD95 1
DreamFactory engine / Cyberflix games - .trk, .sfx12:42 PM EST February 20, 2024Puterboy1 2
Star Wars: Anakin's Speedway (PC) .AFC12:42 PM EST February 20, 2024Puterboy1 1
How to dump Feature Phone game (e.g. i-appli of docomo) rom3:19 AM EST February 20, 2024karma.mid 4
Extract audio from kane lynch 1 failed 2:40 AM EST February 16, 2024thermal7 3
EA .SBS/SBR format problem9:37 PM EST February 13, 2024razzledazzle 9
Decrypting criware audio (Argonavis Kimisute)4:51 PM EST February 13, 2024nanpajanaiyo 2
Way to directly rip from Xbox One?3:24 AM EST February 12, 2024Katsur 9
Akatsuki no Goei Trinity PS3 Cannot find header12:30 AM EST February 11, 2024Serecola 1
Wind Waker HD Ripped Music Tracks Missing 8:32 PM EST February 10, 2024Hylia36 1
Decoding HCA CRI files (last page)3:47 PM EST February 9, 2024stdpi 364
Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2) SDX Files6:59 AM EST February 9, 2024sublogic002 1
Reza Video Game Sound Samples Restoration Reel10:32 PM EST February 6, 2024RezaKhadafi2002 1
Silent Hill 1 minipsf do not play with foo_psf plugin in Foobar?4:27 PM EST February 5, 2024marcoxD95 3
Custom Robo GX GSF playback issue9:13 AM EST February 4, 2024loveemu 4
Down the World - Mervil's Ambition Love Theme "Corrected"6:14 AM EST February 3, 2024KungFuFurby 4
Decrypting Idolmaster Song for Prism acb files1:25 PM EST February 2, 2024nanpajanaiyo 1
The current state of sequenced game music ripping scene, in my honest opinion2:01 AM EST January 31, 2024Katsur 4

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